FAST FIVE: Erdogan Threatens To Kick Out 10 Western Ambassadors Over Jailed "Soros Leftover" Billionaire Osman Kavala

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'Release Kavala.' Do you leave the bandits, murderers, terrorists in your own countries?” As to the veiled threat about about not being able to “host them in our country,” Ankara has signaled to foreign embassies it's ready to make good on this, with the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoning an unprecedented ten diplomats to discuss and protest the matter. They were reportedly told the joint statement “irresponsible” and “unacceptable”.

Social media messages calling for the philanthropist's release were further posted by the embassies.

Crucially the joint message questioned the state of democracy and human rights within the country that is NATO's second most powerful militarily.

statement which has outraged Erdogan reads as follows: Today marks four years since the ongoing detention of Osman Kavala began.

Kavala's supporters, meanwhile, have long said the charges against him are purely politically motivated.

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