FAST FIVE: Inflationary Storm Forces Unilever To Raise Prices Fastest In Seven Years 

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Pitkethly warned inflation could surge even higher next year, and the company would have to deal with spot prices as its hedges expire.

He said 20 billion euros in raw materials and packaging costs and 3 billion euros worth of logistical costs had been impacted inflation.  Rivals, such as Nestlé warned Wednesday that “inflation costs are rising faster than we can roll forward through pricing .

The worst of this is when inflation crushes the working-poor as their real wages evaporate.  The simple fact is when labor and commodity prices inflate.

It becomes challenging for companies to plan future operations and production.

Elevated inflation rates appear to be more sticky than previously thought as the monetary wonks at the Federal Reserve might have gotten the whole “transitory” story wrong as it seems to be more “persistent.”  Tyler Durden Thu, 10/21/2021 – 12:05.

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