FAST FIVE: CDC Advisory Committee Quietly Confirms Moderna Jab Significantly More Dangerous Than Pfizer

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This aligns with The FDA's authorization Wednesday night which said people could switch to whichever vaccine they wanted for their booster shot.

Boosters for Moderna's two-dose vaccine and J&J's single-dose shot may be taken by Americans over 65, as well as those over 18 with a higher risk of severe COVID or exposure to the virus.

For a visualization of the risks of Moderna vs.

Of course, this data doesn't include patients who received boosters, although some data have shown that booster doses raise the risk for rare side effects (though they do remain pretty rare). – Helen Branswell (@HelenBranswell) October 21, 2021 Thanks to the Biden Administration's rush to dole out booster jabs due to the delta variant (and now, with the threat of the delta-plus variant looming on the horizon), it looks like we'll all find out together.

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