FAST FIVE: In 'Deep Ship'? Biden Weighs National Guard To Address Record Number Of Vessels Off Los Angeles

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To alleviate bottlenecks threatening the holiday shopping season, the White House released a directive last week advising both ports to operate on a 24/7 basis to counter the backlog.

According to WaPo, citing three sources, Biden's team has explored whether deploying the National Guard at the ports would quell overwhelmed supply chains.  One source said the administration has not considered activating the National Guard at a federal level but could soon deploy Guardsmen on a state level.

They may take a page out from the UK when they deployed troops to resolve gas shortages last month.

Labor shortages at ports have also been another issue, which originated when the Biden administration began paying people more money to sit on their couches than work.  A.P.

notes that a trade group representing clothing manufacturers has requested the National Guard or even naval ports to unload cargo.

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