FAST FIVE: Luongo: There Is No Getting Off Europe's Elevator To Hell

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Macron can talk all he wants about an EU army, but he'll only get that after hyperinflation forces debt default, UBI, conscription and a digital euro.

 Two big oceans separated the US from the World at War.  Now, we're looking at a war between China and an overextended US fighting a war in China's back yard, the Pacific.

  It was the plan in the first place, it's just been modified to leave Europe at the mercy of Russia which was the price to pay when looking at the balance sheet of assets and realizing someone else needs to pay the bills.

It also means that my analysis of German politics is correct and that in order to save Europe and some fragment of the globalists' dream, it means a split in the EU.

Davos still have their sights set on a world without war through technocracy, ruthless policing and surveillance, and fake value(s) precluding societal level war.

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