FAST FIVE: IHS Market Warns Of "Armageddon" For US Propane Market 

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IHS Market Warns Of “Armageddon” For US Propane Market  The expanding energy crisis is causing propane to rocket higher (read: here) as supplies dwindle to below seasonal levels as research firm IHS Markit Ltd.

warns of “armageddon” during the Northern Hemisphere winter.  IHS analyst Edgar Ang told attendees during a virtual presentation on Tuesday that US propane inventories are at a record low and will be extremely tight as cold weather is ahead.

The surge comes as a global energy crunch threatens to derail the global economy.  In a separate report, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects households that use propane and heating oil this year will spend much more than last.

This could strip out some of their spendings in other areas of the economy, such as eating out.

Soaring energy prices, plus food, shelter, and other costs, will continue to pressure the Biden administration to solve persistent inflation that eats away at real wages.  Making matters worse IHS expects a cooler winter that could boost energy demand and continue to place a bid under propane prices, analyst Veeral Mehta said.

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