FAST FIVE: Facebook Hires 10,000 In EU To Build "The Metaverse"

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Facebook Hires 10,000 In EU To Build “The Metaverse” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn't going to let the threat of higher taxes or the growing international backlash against his business stop him from pushing ahead with his hopes that Facebook still manages to dominate 'the metaverse' – the virtual world where headsets will allow people to immerse themselves into a Matrix-like world.

Some believe that NFTs and other “virtual” items will be able to be displayed in the metaverse.

And according to Reuters, Facebook plans to hire 10K people in the EU to get to work on the Facebook metaverse, in the hopes that Roblox, Microsoft or other “metaverse” companies don't beat Facebook to the punch.

Zuck has been talking about the metaverse since July (some have speculated that it has been an attempt to help fix the company's reputation (now Facebook is facing another major scandal via the “Facebook leaks”).

The recent leaks have raised criticisms of Facebook's handling of sex trafficking and other abuses on its platforms.

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