FAST FIVE: Over 10,000 Troops To Take Part In Major Joint China-Russia War Drills

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“The purpose of this exercise is to consolidate and develop a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia,” defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian announced in a press briefing.

At a moment both countries are experiencing deteriorating relations with the United States, including Beijing increasingly in a sanctions tit-for-tat battle with Washington over Hong Kong, the spokesman additionally said, “It will also further demonstrate the determination and ability of both sides to combat terrorist forces and jointly maintain regional peace and security.” Russia for its part is currently in a standoff with the US over cyberattack allegations and threats.

Russian troops will be from the Eastern Military District.

A joint command center will be established and exercises will focus on aircraft, artillery and armored equipment.

President Joe Biden warned that a significant cyber attack on the United States could lead to 'a real shooting war' with a 'major power,' highlighting what Washington sees as growing threats posed by Russia and China – Reuters (@Reuters) July 28, 2021 Beijing also has likely timed these hugely provocative games, which will be watched by the Pentagon closely, as a “message” and warning to the Western military build up in the South China Sea, and as the US and Japan are more openly pushing the Taiwan independence issue.

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