FAST FIVE: Buchanan: For What Will We Go To War With China?

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– We remain committed to the treaty obligations that we have to Japan in the Senkaku Islands and to the Philippines in the South China Sea.” Austin went on: “Beijing's unwillingness to – respect the rule of law isn't just occurring on the water.

Austin has also informed Beijing, yet again, that the US is obligated by a 70-year-old treaty to go to war to defend Japan's claims to the Senkakus, half a dozen rocks Tokyo now occupies and Beijing claims historically belong to China.

There remains, however, ambiguity on what the US is prepared to do if China moves on Taiwan.

This is not an argument for threatening war, but for an avoidance of war by providing greater clarity and certitude as to what the US response will be if China ignores our protests and remains on its present course.

Which brings us back to Taiwan.

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