FAST FIVE: The Iran Nuclear Deal Won't Happen Any Time Soon

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When it does enter the market, Iranian oil is almost certainly going to be priced at normal levels as Tehran will need the revenues to fund its failing economy and support IRGC linked projects and proxies.

Washington has reiterated that Iran needs to let the UN atomic agency IAEA continue its monitoring activities, as stated in the agreement valid until June 24, before new talks can begin.

On June 18, Iran will officially elect a new president, although the outcome of those elections is a bit of a foregone conclusion.

The real message is that Tehran just wants to use a possible JCPOA breakthrough as a political advantage.

A potential military confrontation in the Caribbean is the last thing Washington is looking for right now – but it is a threat that can't be ignored.  Tyler Durden Fri, 06/11/2021 – 05:00.

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