FAST FIVE: Washington Moves To Make Sensitive Private Data Available For "Minority Report"-Style AI Research

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Zipcodes alone would be enough for some of these people.

Well, while America ponders the answer to that, WSJ reports that the Biden Administration is launching an initiative Thursday aiming at making sensitive data like this much more easily accessible to researchers.

Many researchers, particularly in academia, “simply don't have access to these computational resources and data, and this is hampering innovation.” One example: The Transportation Department has access to a set of data gathered from vehicle sensors about how people drive, said Erwin Gianchandani, senior adviser at the National Science Foundation and co-chair of the new AI task force.

“Because you have very sensitive data about individuals, there are challenges in being able to make that data available to the broader research community,” he said.

The task force is due to issue reports on its research in May and November of next year.

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