FAST FIVE: Scientists Revive 24,000-Year-Old Worm-Like Animal Frozen In Siberia 

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Researchers believed the Bdelloid rotifer could only survive deep freezes for up to a decade until Monday's paper.

With radiocarbon dating, researchers were able to date the worm-like animal to 24,000 years old.  Once thawed, the worm was capable of eating.

It was also able to reproduce – which researchers explained it could do without a partner.  “We know for sure now it can withstand tens of thousands of years of cryptobiosis,” Malavin said.

Scientists are still baffled how bdelloid rotifers can protect their cells and organs from a deep freeze and self-fix damaged DNA.

The discovery could one day help scientists figure out new technologies that would allow people who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for whole body cryopreservation to be revived in the future.  Tyler Durden Thu, 06/10/2021 – 21:30.

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