FAST FIVE: How Washington Is Positioning Al-Qaeda's Founder As Its Rebranded 'Asset'

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The PBS correspondent who conducted the interview, Martin Smith, previously starred in a 2015 PBS special, “Inside Assad's Syria,” which presented a US audience with a rare and relatively objective look at life inside Syrian government-controlled territory, as insurgents backed by NATO and Gulf monarchies encircled and terrorized its population.

Framed as hard news yet shaped by one of the most insidious public relations campaigns in recent history, the nationally broadcast PBS special provided an effective vehicle for rehabilitating a jihadist leader and perpetuating the decades-long dirty war against Syria. (Terror expert @azelin also featured!) – GarWarner (@GarWarner) June 5, 2021 Rather than being uprooted from its “safe haven,” Nusra was encouraged by its NATO-aligned sponsors to rebrand and superficially distance itself from al-Qaeda so it could survive.

Martin Smith's March 2021 visit to Idlib was a similarly guided venture.

Idlib “does not represent a threat to the security of Europe and America.

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