FAST FIVE: New York's Pride March Bans Police Officers From Marching

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Their presence is viewed as a threat to others in the parade and a denial of a “safe space” for LGBTQ members.

The organizers have announced that police and corrections officers will be barred from participating in the parade until at least 2025.  They declared “The sense of safety that law enforcement is meant to provide can instead be threatening, and at times dangerous, to those in our community who are most often targeted with excessive force and/or without reason.” The Gay Officers Action League, an organization of L.G.B.T.Q.

However, the police participants have marched to show that the NYPD does not just support the LGBTQ community but includes officers from the community.

We propose a nationwide show of support.

They have now been told that they are not welcomed as a perceived threat to their own community.

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