FAST FIVE: Meet The Bank Of America Exec Accused Of Ruling Through COVID With An "Iron Fist"

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He was a former offensive tackle for his high school football team before going on to work in swaps at a Goldman trading desk.

Those who got additional bonuses were known as “FOT” or friends of Tom.

During the pandemic, the productivity spreadsheet, titled “Tom/Dashboard,” according to an image of it, allowed Mr Montag to track individual profits and losses of employees working at home versus those still in the office, according to that and other images and two people with knowledge of the spreadsheets.

In the office, said one of those employees, Mr Montag would sometimes pop by individual desks and say, “I knew you'd be here.” Montag himself went into the office in the early days of the pandemic, telling the NYT: “I was the battlefront for us in a way.” He would cycle into the office in jeans and sneakers every day instead of showing up in his usual coat and tie, the report notes.  As the second best paid executive at Bank of America, it's a stark contrast from many other corporate COOs who are happy to collect their compensation and who are busy focusing on things like not offending their employees.

But his favoring of certain groups, and people, I think, was detrimental to the total culture.” Compared to other banks, Montag was slower to embrace working from home during the pandemic.

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