FAST FIVE: "Go Back To England" – Prince Harry Elicits Backlash After Criticizing "Bonkers" First Amendment

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The comment elicited a stream of angry tweets.

No need to understand anything we do.

– Odysseus (@MadmanOdysseus) May 14, 2021 You can always leave if you don't like our constitution and please find a country where you don't have to deal with those bonker rights – oldflatulence (@oldflatulent1) May 14, 2021 Texas Rep.

Dan Crenshaw even weighed in, joking that he “just doubled the size of my Independence Day party.” Moving on, the prince criticized self-made podcast host Joe Rogan for entertaining the notion that young health people don't need to get the vaccine – something Rogan has apologized for doing, even calling himself “a moron” for sharing the ideas on his podcast.

Harry mused that “in today's world, with misinformation just endemic,” people have “got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth.” Celebrities like Rogan (who Harry mentioned by name) should just “stay out of it” and “not say anything at all if they don't have anything useful to say.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have mostly occupied their time in the US with making pointed criticisms of the royal family in interviews like their blockbuster sit down with Oprah.

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