FAST FIVE: Outrage After Mob 'Lynching Of Arab' Aired Live On Israeli TV

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Outrage After Mob 'Lynching Of Arab' Aired Live On Israeli TV Shocking footage emerged from Wednesday night's widespread rioting in mixed Jewish-Arab cities in Israel amid broader Israel-Gaza fighitng.

Police say the man was dragged from his car before the assault began.

He was taken to hospital where his injuries were described by police as moderate.” Other reports say the man has had to undergo operations, with little actually confirmed about his current condition. The violent incident but especially that the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan) aired the disturbing footage sparked outrage both domestically and internationally.

“We are watching a lynching here.” Israeli TV showed live pictures of a group of far-right Israelis beating a motorist believed to be a Palestinian on Wednesday evening. – Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) May 13, 2021 The spiraling tit-for-tat mob violence prompted a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who on Wednesday condemned the scenes of violence as “unacceptable”: “Nothing justifies the lynching of Jews by Arabs and nothing justifies the lynching of Arabs by Jews,” he said in a statement.

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