FAST FIVE: NY Rewards Illegal Aliens With COVID Relief Checks 10 Times Amount Given To American Citizens

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The size of the checks.

Over ten times that given to Americans in the last round of stimulus sent out by the Biden administration.

“The effort – a $2.1 billion fund in the state budget – is by far the biggest of its kind in the country and a sign of the state's shift toward policies championed by progressive Democrats.” The last round of “stimulus” payments sent to under the Biden administration's plan began to be issued on Friday.

While Biden now tries to deflect from his record by telling prospective illegal migrants such things as “don't come” to America, his lip service only serves to underscore that the president knows his administration's policies are harmful to America.

It has gotten so bad that many New Yorkers are throwing in the towel on the disastrously managed state.

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