FAST FIVE: ICE Takes Over Seven Hotels To House Illegal Immigrants, Dubs Them 'Casas'

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NEW: Customs and Border Protection releases its monthly numbers, indicating 172,331 have been apprehended in March.

Approximately 600 people will be funneled into hotels in El paso, Texas and Chandler, Arizona as part of phase one beginning on Friday.

On Friday, families will be moved into a Best Western in El Paso, which ICE had dubbed “Casa Estrella” or “Star House.” The hotel is making at least 186 beds available for families.

-Washington Examiner Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has been administering rapid COVID-19 tests on families they've released into Texas, but has given no indication whether the migrants they're putting up in said “casas” will be tested before or during their stay.

Meanwhile, homeless veterans may want to try jumping over the border and back in the hopes that the US government will give them similar accommodations.

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