FAST FIVE: Germany Says It Will Buy Russia's Sputnik Vaccine, But EU Approving Agency To Likely Drag Its Feet

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controversial of course not with regards to science or effectiveness, but merely that it's Russian-produced.  There continues to be huge demand particularly in Latin America, where Brazil is foremost among those getting hit hard, suffering its deadliest month throughout the pandemic in March.

But of most “concern” to EU and US officials, however, is that parts of Europe continue to do separate deals to obtain the Sputnik vaccine.

In the preliminary talks, Germany first wants to determine which quantities Russia can deliver and when, the source said.

Late last month Berlin signaled it would likely pursue talks with Russia even if other EU member countries chose not to.

#BREAKING Germany's Bavaria region signs provisional agreement to buy doses of Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine once approved by European regulators: state premier – AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 7, 2021 “The deal with the state-run Russian Direct Investment Fund, which backed Sputnik V's development and is in charge of its international roll-out, is contingent on the shot gaining European Union or German approval, Bavaria's health ministry said in an emailed statement,” the report revealed.  Recall that US and in some cases EU officials have linked the Sputnik V vaccine with Russia's “malign influence” and have further questioned the spread of the vaccine from a country that “has less than desirable values” – as the European Council president once put it.

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