FAST FIVE: Escobar: Bombshell Book In Germany Revives 9/11 As A Business Model

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This was the ultimate geopolitical game-changer that set the tone for the young 21st century.

This journey will take you through hundreds of pages of text and myriads of endnotes, over 2,400 of them, quite a few dealing with many different sources, as well as selected sensitive documents treated by professional translators.

He knows he's lost if he tries to run away from his dark self – who is “the dweller on the threshold.” Our Special Agent Lars Cooper definitely did not run away from the dweller on the threshold this time around.

For the e-Book: 9783753414737 Book 2:  Das “Pearl Harbor” des 21.

Jahrhunderts (The “Pearl Harbor ” of the 21st Century) Via Books on Demand (BOD): ISBN for the book: 9783753460796.

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