FAST FIVE: Rabo: Powell Had The Opportunity To Put To Rest Concerns He Is Losing Control Of The Curve: He Didn't

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The interim National Security Strategy underlines US priorities: Defend and nurture underlying sources of American strength; promote a favourable distribution of power; and lead and sustain a stable and open international system.

Despite claims to the contrary, this pledge is only being included as national security because no US trade deal has done anything other than benefit the top income decile at the expense of most of the lower, and this has both undermined US economic and social strength, as the world can see: yet rectifying that is logically going to imply on-shoring and/or US mercantilism, not free trade, which does not sit alongside pledges of building alliances.

Apart from being unstealable by future Nazis, where's the upside?) Note that this kind of digital 'art disruption' means galleries are no longer necessary; or middle men; or art critics.

All razzmatazz aside, China, just like the US, is struggling with its own internal and external contradictions, in its case between the planned and the market sides of its economy, and between productive (not loss-making) investment and bubbles.

With all the focus on the Plan today, one still has to note the extreme Chinese Covid testing policy for foreigners announced yesterday: is this really the best way for China to win over the world.

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