FAST FIVE: The Secret History Of America's 'War On Terror' Mythology

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Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and their 'lone wolf' copycats have carried out multiple, deadly attacks in more than a dozen major Western cities in the past decade, including Brussels, Paris, Berlin, London, San Bernardino, Orlando, New York City, Pensacola and Corpus Christi.” Former Congressman Ron Paul writes of the new book: “Nothing has fueled the abuse of government power in the last 20 years like the 'War on Terrorism.' Scott Horton's essential new book, Enough Already, is the key to understanding why it's not too late to end the wars and save our country.

It is time we insisted on it.” Below is an authorized excerpt from Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism.

Assad's regime had been torturing people for the CIA as part of the “extraordinary rendition” program since her husband's administration in the 1990s.

Bush administration, in a case of mistaken identity, handed an innocent Canadian named Maher Arar over to the Syrians to be tortured.

There she visited the Omayyad mosque in Old Damascus and met with President Assad for three hours, insisting despite the Bush administration's objections that diplomacy with Syria was vital.

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