FAST FIVE: DOJ Watchdog Probing Whether Officials Tried To Interfere With 2020 Election Results

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Horowitz's investigation of the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email case, for example, concluded that many of Comey's explanations for his dubious actions were “unconvincing,” while stopping short of saying that Comey lied to investigators.

Also notable, during his 17-month probe into the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, which he touted as “thorough” and “comprehensive,” Horowitz repeatedly declined to use his subpoena power – allowing key players to provide their own evidence.

He also allowed two lead FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, to sort through which of their electronic communications were “personal” vs.

My understanding is the inspector general was satisfied with that action.” Horowitz never referred Strzok for criminal sanctions for maintaining court-sealed documents on an unsecure computer.

In short, we expect Horowitz to find something.

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