FAST FIVE: Biden Plagiarizes Trump With "Made In America" Executive Order

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Biden's new executive order will, according to his administration, close some of these loopholes and limit the number of waivers, as well as order an increase in domestic content of parts used in these contracts.

Additionally, The executive order will also create a new senior role at the OMB to oversee whether the Biden team is implementing these efforts.

One reporter said the goal is to make small changes that add up to major windfalls for American companies, while also ensuring companies can't get around the new rules.

“The goal is to make sure that companies can't undermine or get around the purpose of the Made in America rules by importing largely foreign made products, making modest changes or tweaks on shore that add little value for American workers or American industry, don't actually utilize America's manufacturing capabilities, and will also close loopholes so that content rules drive new opportunities for American businesses and workers,” a senior administration official said on a call with reporters.

“[Monday], he's going to take a major step toward his goal of rebuilding the backbone of America, manufacturing, unions and the middle class, and it's based on his that, making sure that we are making things in America and all of America is core to our economic strategy.” If Biden's “Made in America” effort sounds familiar, that's probably because Trump signed an executive order in April 2017 instructing the government to review federal contract requirements to “Buy American” and minimize any waivers or exceptions.

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