FAST FIVE: "6 Months For A Regime Change": Why One Strategist Believes The Market Will Crash In The Second Half Of 2021

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But while everyone knows this is a bubble of unprecedented euphoria proportions, what everyone wants to know is how – and more importantly when – it will end.

And so we tend to err on the more conservative side.” On why investment opportunities based on stimulus may be short-lived: “To get to the tax situation: One of the reasons why we see the opportunity being much shorter is it appears to be a rent, not own, type situation.

It's hard to say granularly what's going to occur, but we know that we've spent a lot of money and sooner or later we do have to pay the bill and we think it's coming.

And so, unlike a lot of my peers, I'm a little bit worried about that because that's not going to be a whole lot of fun.” Why Tesla gives him an AOL flashback: “The Spidey sense is starting to tingle, right.

This is signaling that we're close to the end of the 'growth-at-any-price' type investment strategy.

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