FAST FIVE: Biden Expands Food Stamps, Moves To Raise Minimum Wage As Stimulus Battle Brews

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Biden, who has proposed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package (at least the third since the start of this whole debacle, if one counts the measure passed last fall by Trump and his team), is using the two orders to try to ease the financial burden on Americans while Congress continues to battle over the next stimulus package, which is already seeing some (not-unexpected) pushback from Republicans like Mitt Romney who once lambasted Trump for his utter unwillingness to work with the other side (even though they once would have done the same.

Some 16 million are now receiving some type of unemployment benefit, and an estimated 29 million don't have enough to eat.

Per Reuters, this could provide a family with three children more than $100 of additional support every two months.

This would be the first step to ensuring that an additional 12 million people get enhanced SNAP benefits to keep nutritious food on the table,” the fact sheet said.

For millions of working-class Americans about to burn through the last of their savings, this could be a major lifeline.

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