FAST FIVE: China Appeals To "Kind Angels" Of Biden Administration, Blames Trump For "Burning Bridges"

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After state media headlines out of China on Tuesday into Wednesday said “Good Riddance Mr Trump” – as Xinhua wrote, Thursday's tone out of the foreign ministry was markedly different.

This is exactly what China-US relations need.” However, there's little doubt that China was miffed at the fact that Taiwan's de facto ambassador to Washington had been officially invited to attend and was present for the inauguration.  Related to growing tensions centered on both Taiwan and Hong Kong, China had slapped sanctions on a who's who of top outgoing Trump administration officials on Wednesday.

Eschewing “Wolf Warrior” rhetoric (at least for now), China strikes an optimistic note – “I believe if both countries put in the effort, the kind angels can triumph over evil forces,”-Hua Chunying (Foreign Ministry spokeswoman) – W.

When asked about the dramatic act of 'revenge' against the Trump people, Biden's administration called the move “unproductive and cynical,” according to Reuters.

But it's also very likely that many within the new administration are quietly gleeful over the severe restrictions regarding doing any business in China or Hong Kong by the targeted Trump officials.

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