FAST FIVE: NYC Delays 23K COVID Vaccinations As McKesson "Logistical Error" Leaves Moderna Jabs Too Cold

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First, on Wednesday, McKesson confirmed that it had recalled several shipments of the Moderna vaccines after a logistical error caused them to be delivered too cold.

McKesson was simply confirming news that was reported yesterday by a Lansing, Mich.-area TV station, which reported that 21 shipments of the vaccine had spoiled, and that McKesson had notified Moderna about the issue.

Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi said he was informed about the delays in the Moderna shipments by the city's partners at the federal government, and added that the delays weren't related to side effects or vaccine performance.

“This is purely a shipment issue, a logistical issue,” Chokshi said.

“We anticipate that the vaccines are intact and we will get them in the course of delivery today and tomorrow.” About half of the delayed supply was intended to be given as second doses.

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