FAST FIVE: China To Sanction US Officials For "Blatant Interference" In Hong Kong & Taiwan

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China To Sanction US Officials For “Blatant Interference” In Hong Kong & Taiwan Authored by Dave DeCamp via, China announced it plans to sanction US officials as retaliation for measures Washington has taken over Hong Kong and for steps the Trump administration has taken to increase ties with Taiwan.

In December, the US sanctioned members of Beijing's legislature for their alleged role in crafting Hong Kong's new national security law.

Hua said Beijing will hit US officials and lawmakers who are “primarily responsible for the vile actions on Hong Kong” with reciprocal sanctions.

Hua also said China will take action against US officials responsible for the increased ties between Washington and Taipei.

Hua said Monday that unspecified US officials would also be targeted by Beijing as they had “acted maliciously” on the Taiwan issue.

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