FAST FIVE: Georgia Rep Pledges To File Articles Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden

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Georgia Rep Pledges To File Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden Authored by Jonathan Turley, Rep.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a newly elected Republican member from Georgia who pledged yesterday that “On January 21, 2021, I'll be filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.”  That is precisely what I criticized Democrats for doing in challenging the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election starting on the inauguration and raising repeated demands for impeachment for acts ranging from his criticism of NFL kneelers to his inflammatory tweets.

Green explained that “It's time to take a stand,” she said.

A more tailored article may have secured even more votes and a motion for censure might have secured a majority of both parties.

There is still no evidence that Biden took those actions to advantage or protect his son or any family business dealings.

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