FAST FIVE: US Media Coverage Of Pandemic Far More Negative Than Elsewhere, New Study Finds

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“The negativity of the US major media is notable even in areas with positive scientific developments including school re-openings and vaccine trials.

The paper cites a study on school reopenings and COVID-19 infections that found “infection rates among students remain low” and that “schools have not become the super-spreaders many feared.” The researchers note that an analysis of the available evidence painted a similar story, yet 90% of “school reopening articles from US mainstream media are negative versus only 56 percent” of foreign media coverage.

“Similarly, the terms 'Trump and hydroxychloroquine' receive more media coverage than do all stories about companies and researchers developing vaccines.” The paper found that “mentions of COVID-19 vaccines” or “any names of the top ten institutions or companies working on” a vaccine were mentioned in 1,371 stories.

Part of the reason for the avalanche of negative stories was no doubt an effort to “sex up” the coverage in order to scare people.

There was political calculation in this approach, knowing that scaring people about the virus would drive opposition to Trump.

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