FAST FIVE: "This Needs Answers": CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage

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Of note, earlier in the day, counting was paused for approximately 90 minutes due to what officials blamed on a 'water main break' – which turned out to be a lie, and was in fact a 'slow leak,' according to – Mollie (@MZHemingway) December 3, 2020 Wow – Jeff Carlson (@themarketswork) December 3, 2020 From today's hearing at the State Capitol.

Not sure why Twitter has labeled this “disputed.” It is video from the surveillance camera at State Farm Arena where Fulton County election workers scanned ballots late into the night after falsely announcing they were shutting down.

Regardless of this #intriguing video, why did the counting continue in the middle of the night after first being paused for giving tired counters a break to get some sleep.

Happened in a few states, which then broke for #Biden#ElectionIntegrity @realDonaldTrump – aanpakkuh (@aanpakkuh) December 3, 2020.

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