FAST FIVE: Dr. Fauci Staying On Under Biden As CDC Warns Worst Is Yet To Come; Global COVID Deaths Top 1.5MM: Live Updates

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Eli Lilly secures more vials Indonesia reports new record cases India reports 35.5k new cases China carrying out expectations of imported food Aussie pharma regulator will review Pfizer vax in January Tokyo sees 533 new infections Merkel extends partial lockdown * * * Update (1000ET): It's official: As expected, Dr.

California reported more than 20k new cases overnight, the highest daily tally of any US state.

Outside of the US, Iran just joined Poland, Colombia, Germany and a handful of other countries in seeing its confirmed COVID-19 cases finally top 1MM, with many more likely undiagnosed in the hard-hit home of the Islamic Revolution.

The Iranian Health Ministry announced 13,922 new cases in the country of about 80MM, north of the seven-day average of 13,598.

Indonesia's daily coronavirus cases cross the 8,000 mark for the first time to 8,369 new infections in the past 24 hours, up from 5,533 the day before.

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