FAST FIVE: Knoxville Embryo Reanimated After Quarter-Century On Ice For Record-Breaking Live Birth

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Molly was frozen on October 14, 1992, then thawed by National Embryo Donation Center Lab Director & Embryologist Carol Sommerfelt on February 10, 2020 and transferred to Tina's uterus by NEDC President & Medical Director Dr.

She is perhaps the preeminent embryologist in the country when it comes to thawing frozen embryos.

And of course, it's a testament to how good God is, and to His infinite goodness and love.” According to the report, Molly and Emma are full genetic siblings.

This definitely reflects on the technology used all those years ago and its ability to preserve the embryos for future use under an indefinite time frame.

It also shows the reason the NEDC mission is so important, giving all donated embryos the best chance for life.” Located in Knoxville, the NEDC receives embryos from all over the United States, and serves couples seeking to become pregnant from all over the world.

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