FAST FIVE: Saudi Aramco's Landmark IPO Is Costing The Kingdom Billions

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Now, Aramco is digging itself further into serious debt through bond issuances simply to pay for the huge dividend payments promised by MbS that were absolutely required to persuade anyone to buy into the omni-toxic IPO.

On the other side of the balance sheet, though, is the stark fact that because the company's IPO was so toxic on so many levels that it was shunned by Western investors and had to be off-loaded to buyers who were either bullied or bribed into buying the stock Aramco is left having to pay massive guaranteed dividend payments for the foreseeable future to those shareholders.

In sum, it appears that all of Aramco's principal projects aimed at diversifying Saudi Arabia away from the relatively zero added-value pursuits of just pumping and selling crude oil are now subject to review and/or outright suspension.

The chances of these – and other stalled projects – being resuscitated with money from other Saudi government departments looks minimal, as MbS's second oil price war has similarly decimated these finances too.

Saudi had been looking to raise US$8 billion from the five-part bond deal, which it did, but crucially it attracted just US$48.1 billion in orders for the debt sale, less than half of the amount that it received for its debut bond sale last year when it raised US$12 billion.

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