FAST FIVE: Dutch Study Involves Exposing Hundreds Of People To COVID-19 To Test Effectiveness Of Vaccines

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The latest group of intrepid scientists to test the boundaries of virology and medical ethics belongs to the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

For those who aren't familiar with the concept, a “challenge” study involves deliberately exposing subjects – animals, or (in this case) human volunteers – to the virus to test the effectiveness of various vaccine candidates.

Meanwhile, the “dosing error” that led AstraZenaca and Oxford to offer conflicting assessments of its adenovirus-vector vaccine depending on different dosing regimens is only the one of the trial's shortcomings.

With vaccine development and administration still a far-off prospect for millions of Americans, the Trump Administration has promised to start vaccinating health-care workers and the most vulnerable patients by mid-December.

One British biotech firm said last month that it was already in advanced talks with HMG over permission to create and provide strains of the virus for what would be a groundbreaking study.

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