FAST FIVE: UK Travel Agency Boycotts Qantas Over "No Vaccine, No Flight" Policy

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#BREAKING: QANTAS CEO confirms that proof that you've been vaccinated for COVID-19 will be compulsory for international air travel onboard his aircraft.

Other airlines such as Korean Air have also signaled they will require vaccination, while the industry in general appears to be moving towards a digital 'Common Pass' that will carry details of vaccination status.

However, the backlash has already begun, with one travel agent in the UK announcing a blanket boycott of Qantas over its vaccine policy.

But it is not up to an airline to enforce this upon customers.” The company said it had received “much support” over its stance.

In a related development, European airliner Ryanair has signaled that it will not require fliers to take a coronavirus shot before allowing them to travel.

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