FAST FIVE: Gundlach: Trump Will Win Next Week, And By 2027 "There Will Be Some Sort Of Revolution"

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As Financial Advisor magazine reported, during a Tuesday webcast as part of Schwab's 2020 IMPACT conference, Gundlach said that despite polls, analysis and betting odds that suggest otherwise, Trump is likely to outpace former Democratic vice president Joe Biden in the contest.

“The polls right now say he isn't going to win, but they said that four years ago,” said Gundlach referring to the following chart.

But back in [that period], when Trump was little more than an asterisk in the betting odds, I predicted he was going to win.

The opposite is true of Biden's running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, who Gundlach called “one of the most left-leaning people in all of the Senate” who is not shy about sharing her opinions.

“We have to discount the probability of outright socialist policies with outrageous amount of deficit spending,” said Gundlach.

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