FAST FIVE: Average New US COVID-19 Cases Hits New Record As Hospitals Run Out Of Space: Live Updates

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In Utah, hospitals are preparing to start rationing care as patients flood its ICUs.

China's Xinjiang province reported 26 new asymptomatic coronavirus infections between 1600 Sunday and 1600 Monday in Kashgar prefecture, China Central Television reported.

In other news, SCMP reports that Malaysia has just extended its partial lockdown in Kuala Lumpur, its capital city, as well as the surrounding state of Selangor, from two weeks to four.

In the UK, pharmacy chain Boots is set to launch a 12-minute COVID-19 swab test in some of its stores, while it has begun to offer private pre-flight testing for those traveling abroad.

Australia's state of Victoria, the country's new coronavirus hot spot, reports zero cases for the first time since June (Source: Reuters).

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