FAST FIVE: Top 10% Of Twitter Users Create 92% Of Tweets In US – And 69% Of Them Lean Left

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[If it were the other way around, Russian bots would surely be to blame.] Those who use Twitter on both sides of the aisle tend to be younger and more highly educated than those who don't use the platform – with some 37% of adult Democrats on Twitter falling between the ages of 18 and 29, compared to just 22% of Republican users in the same age bracket.

Some 60% of Democrats on Twitter describe their political leanings as liberal (with 24% saying they are “very” liberal), compared with 43% among those who are not Twitter users (only 12% of whom say they are very liberal).

When it comes to who's following who, Presidents and other major political figures are the most followed by US adults.

Only 10,151 of these 750,000 accounts are followed by more than 10 users in this sample.

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon), for instance, is followed by 16% of Democrats on the site and 11% of Republicans.

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