FAST FIVE: Sam's Club To Deploy Robot Cleaners For All US Stores Amid Contactless Shift

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But to do so, the mega-retailer, America's largest employer, will have to reduce labor expenses by shrinking its workforce size.

A robot that makes smoothies was recently showcased at a Walmart in California, this is very suggestive that robots at stores will expand tasks in the near future.

The company is also turning to drones for last-mile delivery, another move to eliminate human workers.    While the addition of robots in Sam's Club and Walmart stores sounds harmless, hundreds if not thousands of workers from these stores could soon be displaced by robots in the coming years.  The next problem is what to do with all the people laid off, not just due to the virus pandemic that has crushed the economy and decimated SMEs, but there will be a steady adoption of robotics and automation into the workplace that will result in millions of job losses by 2030.  It's no secret, and we know the federal government's response to all of this job loss.

As President Trump shows, it doesn't matter, Republicans or Democrats, both parties are becoming increasingly fans of universal basic income.

and suggests more of that is coming.   .

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