FAST FIVE: "We Do Not Consent" – 1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

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Protests are exempt from the rule of six, a rule that threatens fines for groups of more than six people, which has created much aggravation in the UK.

Organizers of the rally had to submit a “risk assessment” and agree to comply with social distancing rules.

In Ayurveda, which is the root of western medicine, we say the thing that weakens the immune system the most is negativity.” Vinothini Apok, 40, a former doctor from north London. – Toby Young (@toadmeister) September 26, 2020 Attending the protest, Kerry Dunn, 41, from Bath, claimed her son, Beau, suffered adverse affects after being vaccinated.

“I've been shouting that mandatory vaccines are coming, no one believed me,” she said.

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