FAST FIVE: Revolution 2020: How Did We Get Here… And How Will It End?

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But any revolution's quarrels and stakes obscure the question: to what end? Our revolution is by the ruling class – a revolution from above.

That is because “the logic that drives each turn of our revolutionary spiral is Progressive Americans' inherently insatiable desire to exercise their superiority over those they deem inferior.” Its force, I observed, “comes not from the substance of the Progressives' demands,” but rather “from that which moves, changes, and multiplies their demands without end.

But note well that the black-clad burners and looters were the very opposite of a proletariat and that, Marxist rhetoric aside, they never attacked the wealthy or the powerful-not Wall Street, nor major corporations, certainly not any government, never mind Google, Facebook, or Twitter, America's most powerful monopolies, or corporate officials.

But neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris has talent, personal following, or moral authority.

But it would not end our revolution any more than the ruling class's victory would.

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