FAST FIVE: Trump Threatens Veto Of New COVID-19 Vaccine Rules; France Imposes New 'Social Distancing' Restrictions: Live Updates

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One could argue that another outbreak is just around the corner, but after months of Beijing's heavy handed “wartime footing” approach, people in Wuhan are partying like its 2019, and even a handful of domestic cases can trigger 'localized' lockdowns that can seal off cities from their surrounding province.

Here's a rundown of important numbers from yesterday, accurate as of 0630ET:  31,914,770: confirmed cases worldwide 977,109: confirmed deaths worldwide 37,330: New US cases recorded yesterday 6,935,415: Total cases confirmed in the US 1,098: deaths in the US recorded yesterday 201,920: total US deaths 97,459,742: tests conducted in the US Cases have fallen from a five-week high reached earlier in the week.

Sinovac plans to provide semi-finished products to its partner Instituto Butantan, which will complete the rest of the process and supply finished items to other South American countries, Chairman Yin Weidong said at a news conference, part of China's effort to 'atone' for unleashing SARS-CoV-2 on the world (Source: Nikkei).

The number of infections is rising throughout Russia, with 6,595 new cases in the last day.

Russia is preparing to supply 17 more countries with its Avifavir COVID-19 treatment (Newswires).

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