FAST FIVE: Russia's Foreign Spy Chief Says US Is "Stage Managing" Belarus Unrest

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The powerful intelligence chief charged that the United States is “stage managing” the unrest in Belarus, which has since the Aug.9 reelection of President Alexander Lukashenko sought to topple him.

Over prior weekends protests in the streets of Minsk alone have swelled to 100,000 people according to most estimates.  “Though publicly Washington tries to keep a low profile, once the massive street demonstrations began, the Americans stepped up funding to the Belarusian anti-government forces bountifully to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,” Naryshkin said, also calling US and Western involvement “obvious” – however, not presenting any specific evidence or intelligence, only outlining the scenario he said is already long in action.

He said “ostensibly independent bloggers” were organizing social media campaigns at the behest of more powerful interests.

Describing a classic 'color revolution' scenario, the SVR director highlighted the involvement of US and EU NGOs which were providing training in eastern European countries and border states with Russia.

Sergei Naryshkin, via Moscow Times/Kremlin Press Service “Some of them underwent training in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, where experienced US instructors coached them to stage 'non-violent' protests,” Naryshkin said.

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