FAST FIVE: The Unspoken Truth Of Fed-Day Exposed

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You all heard the phrases 'Don't fight the Fed', and ' there is no alternative'.

People are paying forward multiples that are higher than they would if they earned higher interest income.

Indeed, many signs of excessive financial risk-taking are already flashing yellow or red on the back of the continuously reinforced market notion of a deep, always in-the-money 'Fed Put'.” Well there you have it.  The gall of Jay Powell then, who not only has a personal long index portfolio in the tens of millions of dollars, who not only personally benefits from said construct, but then continues to deny the policy's direct impact on widening wealth inequality, that audacity to lie to the American public about it all is something else.

He can claim unchallenged by the press that the Fed's policies absolutely do not add to inequality but everybody knows that it does.

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