FAST FIVE: How The British Government Is Wading Into The Swamp Of Despotism… One Muzzle At A Time

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Let us hope that the Courts of England, which have so far been content to let the Government do what it likes, will listen to what he says when they look at the matter again later this month, in the case brought by Simon Dolan, a businessman who is seeking a judicial review of the Government's policy on Covid-19.

And he went on to say another astonishing thing.

They are there to humiliate, to cancel individuality and to indicate assent – forced or otherwise – to the crazy policy of trying to treat a virus with naked state power.

If US police forced handcuffed Left-wing protesters to wear Trumpoid 'Make America Great Again' baseball caps it would be about the same.

Officers, who have already almost given up arresting people for possession, say it will give them a new excuse for failing to enforce the law.

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