FAST FIVE: Chinese Tech Firm Caught In Cambridge Analytica Style Data Collection Of US Military & World Leaders

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So many Indians are also said to have been monitored that the story has set of a firestorm in India's national media.

Image source: Bloomberg “They include politicians, such as prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison and their relatives, the royal family, celebrities and military figures,” The Guardian continues.

The spokesperson specifically claimed “There is no database of 2 million people.” “We are a private company,” she said, denying any links to the Chinese government or military.

Are those values potentially sensitive and not public. – Jeremy Kirk (@Jeremy_Kirk) September 14, 2020 What the data is or was ultimately being used for is anybody's guess, and there's no evidence to yet emerged that it was gathered from anything but through 'open source' methods, such as from Facebook, Factiva, LexisNexis, LinkedIn, or other social media and public networking platforms.  There is the possibility that private data has been gleaned through hacks, data from which Zhenhua later utilized for its massive database. .

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