FAST FIVE: Backlash After UK Policing Minister Encourages People To Spy On Neighbours For "COVID Contraventions"

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“There is obviously the non-emergency number that people can ring to report issues, if they wish to,” the minister told the BBC Radio 4's 'Today' show. – Professor Karol Sikora (@ProfKarolSikora) September 14, 2020 Probably not enough discussion about what'a happening to our national psychology re Covid and certainly potential effects of being asked to police each other.

– Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall) September 14, 2020 This question is subversive.

Former British Supreme Court Justice Lord Jonathan Sumption denounced the new regulations as “unenforceable,” noting that the only way the plan would work is if a “Stasi-style” network of “snoopers and informers” is formed.

Last week, the British government also announced that a new enforcement team of 'Coronavirus Marshals' will be employed to patrol cities in order to police social distancing.

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